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About Robin Pacific

I’m a single malt scotch drinking Anglican socialist – and a card carrying feminist with a long track record. I recently completed my fifth post-secondary degree, an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Kings College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (A couple of friends are threatening to stage an intervention if I get any more degrees).

I also have a practice as a Spiritual Director.

I've been a visual artist for twenty-five years, creating paintings, drawings, videos, computer art and a wide variety of community-based projects.


My essay collection,  Skater Girl: An Archaeology of the Self, has been accepted for publication in spring, 2024 by Guernica Editions.


Some essays are memoir pieces, some reflections. Some are sad; some funny; all are honest and intensely personal. The order more or less chronological, but the book is a pastiche, an assemblage, with essays refracting and reflecting one another.

I plan to create a limited edition of twenty  "artist's boxes". Each box will contain the essays individually rolled up into scrolls, so they can be read in random order.

Photograph by Steve Horan

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